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WhatsApp will Release These Eight New Features in 2019 WhatsApp. (PHOTO: TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESGRESIK, JAKARTAWhatsApp messaging application will present several new features in 2019. According to the Indiatoday website, last weekends, all the new features of WhatsApp are important and claimed to make WhatsApp even better.

Throughout 2018, the application made by Facebook has introduced a series of updates such as delete buttons, group calls, stickers and many more. The following new features are likely to release in 2019, reported by Tempo.

1. Ignore Button

WhatsApp will add an ignore button that makes other people know that he's ignored. The blue checklist lets the user survive to hope that he might not soon get a reply, but positively. The Ignore button will forbid the sender to wait by immediately notifying him that the recipient isn't interested in the message.

2. Send Automatic Message

Another feature that will appear in the WhatsApp application is to send messages automatically to each family member to attend the party.

3. Like and Dislike Button for Status

Since WhatsApp brings status features, people have limited the space provided with all types of photos and text. The likes and dislikes button will help the uploaders whether their uploads are fun or annoying.

4. Don't disturb

WhatsApp has a mute option that mutes chat for a certain period of time, but doesn't stop incoming messages. Messages continue to arrive and appear as unread chats in your WhatsApp window. WhatsApp will have DND mode that informs all contacts that you aren't available for chatting. Then, they mayn't send you any messages for that period (specified time).

5. Schedule a Message

Facebook has the option to schedule uploads, so it will only appear when you want it. A similar feature can be added to WhatsApp that allows you to schedule your messages.

6. The Viewers from Profile Pictures

Everyone secretly wants to know that their profile photos are seen and admired by other users. WhatsApp will have a function that lets you know who has seen your profile picture.

7. Notification when Contact Online

At the times when you want to chat with other users, however these users may have other activities. This feature can be used at that time. WhatsApp can send you notifications when the person is online.

8. Dark Mode

WhatsApp will soon present a dark mode feature. According to the  indianexpress.com website, last December 2018, the dark mode WhatsApp is here to make it easier to use the application at night and save mobile phone batteries. Dark mode ensures that the user is free of eyes pain after staring at the phone screen for a long time.

Android phones with OLED display panels will benefit, because it will display dark mode with black colour that sharper than other types of screen. According to the page that leaked WhatsApp information, WABetaInfo, through his Twitter account, dark mode is still under development.

That's all the eight new WhatsApp features that will be released in 2019. Even though there has been already leaking information about those features, WhatsApp hasn't announced when those features are officially released. (*)

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