Mbangko’an Beach, the Amazing Ecotourism Destination at Trenggalek

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Mbangko’an Beach, the Amazing Ecotourism Destination at Trenggalek The panorama of Mbangko’an Beach, the ecotourism destination in Trenggalek. (PHOTO: miminmintuno/Instagram)

TIMESGRESIK, TRENGGALEKMbangko’an Beach is an ecotourism destination located in Tasikmadu Village, Watulimo sub-district, Trenggalek. The location is around 57 kilometers from the heart of the city.

This beautiful beach is managed by the locals as an ecotourism destination, in a partnership with Perhutani (Indonesian State Forestry Company).

The stunning panorama and the coconut palm trees lining up the seashore become its charm. The visitors can enjoy the splendor of the sunset while playing on the soft white sand.

The waves are calm, which is possible for the visitors to swim around the shore. When the water recedes, it reveals the beauty of the ocean reefs.

This beach ecosystem should be maintain so that it would support the local economy of Watulimo, which is in synergy with the program called as Trenggalek MEROKET.

 “The water is crystal clear and there is a lot of fish. I hope we can maintain its beauty and its environment,” said Feri, one of the visitors in Mbangko’an Beach.

This beach, which has been officially opened since December 2014, has been equipped with various facilities, such as a shady parking lot and rest rooms.

If you are hungry, you can visit the food stalls around there. They sell various beverages and foods, as well as souvenirs in a relatively cheap price.

You may also visit the other beaches nearby, such as Watu Lunyu Beach, Ciut Beach, and Mbesetan Trenggalek Beach. (*)

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